About Counselling

Counselling provides a regular time and space to talk to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member.  This can make all the difference for those in distress to explore their feelings and talk about their problems.  Counselling can help you to develop increased self awareness, understanding and to help develop improved ways of coping with any difficulties.

Counselling is a joint venture between counsellor and client so it is important for you to find a counsellor with whom you feel comfortable and at ease.  Our first session together will be an Assessment Session, the purpose of which will be for us to discuss your requirements from counselling and to decide together if counselling is right for you at this time and, importantly, if we both feel we can work together.

I work as an integrative counsellor which means I use more than one theoretical approach in my practice.  Each individual is unique so I will work in a way that is appropriate to your needs.

Please use the links below to find out more about different counselling approaches from the UK’s two professional counselling and psychotherapy bodies, the BACP and UKCP:


The Counselling Directory also contains helpful information about how counselling works and the different theoretical approaches: